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HandsOn Gloves are premium gloves that are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. They come in different sizes, with an adjustable wrist strap for comfort. They’re great for dogs, cats and horses. You can use them wet or dry and you’ll always be comfortable.

Did we mention that your pets will love them? Every rubber nub is like a little massage hand. Use them a couple of times and before long your four-legged friend will be excited every time you pull your gloves out of the closet!

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  • Hello Ken, I received my gloves last week and they are marvelous! I brought them to work to show my colleagues so you may hear from some of them. The two addresses I frequent for my products are below. I think they would be interested in hearing from you too. Thank you again for a Read More
  • Got the gloves a week ago. I just love them! They absolutely work like on the video to get the fur off them. I am using them on the pony who is already shedding and I will definitely use them with my 3 Weimeraners in the spring and the horses in the shower. Thanks Mady Read More
  • My dogs just love this grooming glove. Great for getting hair out and a relaxing massage!
  • I was so excited to try the gloves. Never again will I use the traditional curry mitts. I couldn’t believe how much hair and dirt came off my horse’s coat – even with him being clipped – and he loved it!